The environment, agri-fishery, tourism and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) presented their respective six year development plans during the Validation on Environment-Economic Integration and Orientation on 2017-2022 Regional Industrial Development Program (RIDP)Consultation Workshop on November 21, 2016 at the Guimaras National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center Function Hall, San Miguel, Jordan.

The four sub-sectors of Environment-Economic expounded their output on issues and concerns, objectives, strategies project activities and legislative measures of the said development plan.

The said planning activity forms part of the process of updating the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP) of the province.

Household or community level, insufficient supply of potable water, saltwater intrusion, contaminants and contamination, run-off of excess pesticides and fertilizers, degradation of coastal resources, rivers, creeks and other bodies of water, construction or development, and other human activities, were some of the issues and concerns cited by the environment sector.

Meanwhile, the agri-fishery sector explained that poor quality of mango fruits (for consumption) harvested was due to immature or early harvesting, poor farm management and adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) because of Mango Growers’ fair understanding and lack of reward/incentives and financing to practice GAP, and lack of mango tree rehabilitation effort causes decreasing yield/tree were some of the major concerns in their sector that needed response.

Further, the tourism sector mentioned that an environmentally sustainable and competitive agri-eco and other tourism attractions developed, destinations of the existing tourism circuits enhanced and upgraded according to DOT standards, new agri-fishery-eco-adventure & other tourism-related products or destinations developed, and Guimaras destinations promotions strategy improved were some of the identified objectives to be done within the six years of the said development plan.

Moreover, to have capacitated business groups and individual producers/processors to be self-reliant, address the need of basic services of potential investors and to have capacitated producers/processors in marketing were some of the investment sector’s goals to be accomplished.

“Part ini sang process sa PDFPD updating pero naka focus lang ini sa environment kag economic. Kay sa Gimaras ang aton gid pinaka asset sa tourism and atun natural environment so dapat atun gid protektaran ini even may mga tourism development kita nga gusto, we still have to preserve our natural environment kay kung atun pabay-an lng mapatay gid ang atun tourism industry so critical gid ini kay part ini sang atun economic driver for the development of Guimaras”, said Nolinda Ronzales, Asst. Provincial Planning Development Office/OIC.

“So ang mga output sang sini nga activity integrated kay makita gid sang kada sub-sector sang envi-econ ang link na mga concerns or direction nga dapat e-validate kag e-finalize kag para man madetermine natun ang dapat ma achieve by 2022 as far as the tourism, environment, agri-fishery and MSMEs are concerned” she added.

PDPFP is the document formulated at the provincial level that “merges the traditionally separate provincial physical framework plan and provincial development plan to address the disconnect between spatial and sectoral factors and between medium- and long-term concerns”.

Further, it covers the “long-term vision of the province, and identifies development goals, strategies, objectives/targets and corresponding PPAs which serve as primary inputs to provincial investment programming and subsequent budgeting and plan implementation” (Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1 Series of 2007). (PIO/GUIMARAS)




Some 30 local guides were trained on site guide and spiels development today to enhance their skills on customer service and familiarization of several tourism circuits of the Province of Guimaras held at the AVR, Museo De Guimaras, San Miguel, Jordan.

The said training is the initiative of the province for the development and enhancement of the identified destinations with the support of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

According to Richel Gallego, Tourism Operation Officer I, the growing demand in tourism as a service industry led to the development of the market day tourism product as additional destinations to be included in the tours with in the island province.

“This will enhance the capacity of the local guides of the destinations included in the circuit and other emerging destinations through training with spiels development and a familiarization tour to the selected destinations will then follow on the second day of this activity,” Gallego said.

Further, Sangguniang Panlalawigan member, Cyril C. Beltran said that the training is one way to prepare every destination specifically for the demands of the tourists.

“The important thing is every destination here in our province can support the needs and can give a proper accommodation to all visitors”, said Beltran.

“If we give satisfactory service to our tourists they will surely return and invite others to visit in our province” he added.

He also encouraged the participants to have a good tourism services in order to attract more visitors.

“The grass root level of society will surely benefit if our tourism industry will improve” Beltran said.

Meanwhile Angeles Gabinete of Department of Tourism Region VI stressed that the training is very timely wherein the said activity will enhance the skills and competences of the participants.

“They are representing the different circuits in our province, this is a very big help it’s because very few lang ang member sang Guimaras Island Guides nakita ko nga ka passionate gid sa ila so I believe nga maka assist kag maka cater sila sa atun future guest especially sa upcoming na 25th Manggahan, “ Gabinete said.

“Daku gid ini ya nga bulig man sa amun tungod nga ma tagaan kami sang tips kung paanu ang mas maayo nga pag akumudar sa bisita, mapa develop ang site, matagaan sang maayo nga akomudasyon ang bisita kag ini gina remind kami sa dapat nga responsibilidad namun bilang isa ka circuit operator, ma remind kami sa dapat kag indi dapat nga himuon sa mga bisita, makabulig gid ini madevelop gid ang amun operation”, said Albin A. Vibal of Roca Encantada, one of the participants. (PIO/GUIMARAS)

Site Guide Training with Spiels Development of the Province on November 16,2016


Some 30 participants are gearing up for the site Guide Training with Spiels Development of the Province of Guimaras today, at the Provincial Museum, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

The soon-to-be tour guides will have a workshop to be tourism ready and friendly as the province

A familiarization tour will be conducted tomorrow, November 17th provincewide.




The Provincial Government of Guimaras (PGG) is all set for the distribution of miscellaneous fees of 38,293 students from different Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in the Province of Guimaras this week.

Now on its third year of implementation, Governor Gumarin has allotted Php 3.5M this school year for the Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP) and Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP), Anti-TB Fund Drive and Philippine Red Cross fees.

In his message for the beneficiaries, Governor Gumarin, stressed the importance of taxes in bringing basic services to the people.
“On our third year of distributing miscellaneous fees for elementary and high school students, we also bring in basic services to a higher level,” he cited.

“These programs and projects are brought about by also paying your taxes. As taxes are the lifeblood of the economy, these support not only our developmental plans but also the long term vision of becoming the agri-tourism capital of the province and likewise contribute to nation-building being a competitive, investment friendly major tourism destination in the country,” he further added.

He also emphasized the data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

“Ang isa ka pamilya sa Guimaras nga may lima ka miyembro nagakinahanglan sang Php 6,634.00 para makakaon kag para maka lampuwas sa kaimulon, kinahanglan nila magka-income sang Php 9,501.00,” he said.

“This is the very reason why we are supporting some of the expenses of our families through educational assistance like scholarships, internship programs, and now, the provision of free miscellaneous fees for BSP, GSP, PRC and Anti-TB Fund Drive, he said and further stated that “with this small help to our Guimarasnon families, we help them reach their aspirations in life and grow to become productive members of the society.”

Through the said coverage, Guimaras ranked first in the registration of BSP in Western Visayas in 2015. (PIO/GUIMARAS)




20161114 NEWS RELEASE 01

Majority of some 2641 member-consumers of Guimaras Electric Cooperative (GUIMELCO)has agreed to the adoption of Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws held during the 32nd Special General Membership Assembly (32nd AGMA) held at the Capitol Gym, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

The said ratification process is considered one of the most significant parts of the assembly as GUIMELCO is completing the process of conversion from being a non-stock, non-profit Electric Cooperative under National Electrification Administration (NEA) to becoming a full-fledged cooperative under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

On December 2015, a referendum was conducted per District to provide a platform for the consumers to decide whether GUIMELCO remains to be under NEA or convert to stock cooperative under CDA.

Gathering a total of 2,498 votes, member-consumers decided to register GUIMELCO to Stock Cooperative under the CDA thereafter.

Governor Samuel Gumarin believes that the said by ratification of the articles of cooperation and by-laws will be an effective guide for a better and sound management.

“Ini amo mangin isa ka bibliya sang pagpadalagan, patakaran sang aton Guimaras Electric Cooperative, Gumarin said.
Eyed as potential support to investment, Gumarin cited the activity as platform to better respond in the needs of the people.

“This is the very big leap sang aton probinsiya kung sa diin naton respondihan ang kinahanglanon sang aton probinsiya in terms of investment, kita ang pinakamataas nga rate so hopefully amo ini ang ginalaom sang tagsa-tagsa,” he further stressed.

With this, new Constitution and By Laws, officers of GUIMELCO are made more accountable to the member-owners. (PIO/GUIMARAS)